The Great Debate is a tremendous opportunity for students from an HBCU and an Ivy League institution to hone their skills and match their wits. Those attending this event will realize a deeper understanding of the powers of persuasion and skill required to sway opinions from the courtroom to the boardroom. That said, the Great Debate is an exhibition, not a contest. There are no winners or losers, but rather an experience of significant learning value. It’s unfortunate that it has been falsely reported  that Howard University defeated Harvard University.  This was not a collegiate competition. There were no judges or officials that determined a winning team for this debate. The Connecticut NAACP would like to clear up the reported miscommunication that Howard University Debate Team beat the Harvard University Debate Team in our 10th Annual Great Debate held on October 28, 2019 at the XL Center in HARTFORD, CT.  This was a mutually beneficial learning opportunity to support the 10,000 students, teachers and administrators that were in attendance enjoying the intellectual exhibition.

We would like to thank both teams for their participation and look forward to continuing the Great Debate in the spirit of exposing our youth to the art of  intellectual debate.